Alcatraz, a Criminal Love Affair

Sapere Aude!


Surprisingly, I had never been to Alcatraz on a San Francisco trip. I always waited until the last minute to consider going, and at that point the tickets are sold out and waiting in line across town sure seems like a big waste of time when there’s Bi-Rite to be eaten and hills to be climbed within the city itself. With a little foresight, that problem was solved this time around and Laura and I got tickets for the first day we were in town. We took the train from the Castro to Embarcadero, and walked the (fairly significant but full of interesting stuff) remaining distance to the dock for the Alcatraz ferry. They have lots of stuff to keep you occupied while you wait for you scheduled departure time (this you have to plan, but you are free to return at your leisure on the return trip) including a…

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