Anecdotal Series Episode 3: A Story Behind Bars

Angelica's Voice

behind bars

; the justice, health &  education situation?

Do grab the opportunity & visit one of the many prisons we have in our country. The surroundings one sees can’t tell even half the story. The compound and white washed walls and gates barring the inmates only show their sarcasm once you enter. Foul smell, the large number & state of inmates and the stories you get to hear only tell of a place unfit for human habitation and a system that has turned its back on them. It’s a different world in there. A wake up call enough to cause a great stir of disgust in your gut, and bid swift and  immediate action.

First, for inmates, justice is left at the gate, once you enter “everyone for themselves and God for all”. Hundreds of inmates go a long while without trial, their plea notwithstanding and lack the chance to get…

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