Confessions of a former correctional officer

not all who wander are lost

Law Enforcement (in some aspect) had always been my passion. Did I give it a shot? Sort of. Am I ready to give it a go again? Yes. Working in corrections is interesting, and I do miss it. On a state prison level it’s eye opening-especially as a female correctional officer.
There aren’t many all female facilities near where I live-which is fine, it’s obvious I don’t get on well with women…too much estrogen in one place makes me irritable.
I learned a lot during my stint as a C.O.-mainly that I’m a lot more tough than I thought I was back then. Even looking back, I think “damn I was ballsy”. It’s not that I didn’t care, or even that I wanted to be viewed as a hard ass. I wanted to be good. I wanted to be the best. I wanted people to know that it’s not just…

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