In Baltimore, an ex-offender is in the business of second chances – June 6, 2014 5:00AM ET by Alia Malek @aliamalek

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Entrepreneur Chris Wilson is trying to make a difference by helping former inmates get jobs

Chris Wilson ex-con businessman
Chris Wilson, college student and entrepreneur, was sentenced to serve life in prison

BALTIMORE — Chris Wilson’s photo album is a marvel of cut and paste. Only on close examination, when the jagged edges around each image become visible, is it obvious that these are photographs of him taken in prison (cut out with scissors that were by regulation dull), and superimposed on places far beyond the walls of his cell.

After Wilson was sent away at age 17 to serve a life sentence for first-degree murder, his closest friend often asked why he bothered creating scenes from an imagined life.

Wilson explains that the hope that somehow he might be freed — his “positive delusion” — is what kept him going. In prison, he took classes, getting every certificate that was…

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