Open Prisons Yay or Nay?


Open prisons and whether they are appropriate for all offenders is a hot topic at the moment after the latest absconding scandal. Whether the system is too lax so that the wrong candidates for open prisons are slipping through the net. At the outlook it seems to me that a prisoner who has previously absconded or escaped before shouldn’t be allowed that opportunity again as they have actively disrespected the system.

The Spark

Arnold Pickering absconded for the third time when he failed to return from day release from HMP Kennet on the 17th May, this shortly followed the ‘Skullcracker’s’ escape from day release on the 3rd May. This sparked debate among MP’s and Prison Governors on the effectiveness of open prisons and public safety. Chris Grayling seems to be talking sense in response to concerns about the abscondees, and has taken into account the flip side concerns that this…

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