Outrage after federal judge grants stay for Missouri inmate


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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) _ A long and violent relationship may be over. But, the violent emotional roller coaster continues for three local families after a federal judge granted convicted killer John Winfield a stay of execution Thursday. Some family members are encouraged by the news. Others are outraged.
“I saw him shoot and kill Arthea. I saw him shoot and kill Shawnee,” remembered Melody Donald. “He’s on death row for them.”

Donald is one of three people who said John Winfield killed Arthea Sanders and Shawnee Murphy in September of 1996. He actually shot three women in their Vinita Park apartment during an argument with his ex-girlfriend Carmelita Donald. “Carmel” survived her wounds but lost her eyesight.

“The Carmelita we know, she died that night,” Carmel’s baby sister Melody started to cry.  “She is nowhere near the same. Nowhere near.”

Winfield was scheduled to be executed June 18…

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