Prison For Cecily

Plutocracy Ascendant

Rikers IslandRikers Island Jail, New York City (Wikimedia Commons)

What Others Have Written

This is not the post I set out to write. I set out to write the story of Cecily McMillan’s arrest, trial and conviction. I found out that this story has been written by many others.1 See for example Funkhouser (The Nation), Swaine (The Guardian) and McKinley (New York Times). People are also trying to make sense of McMillan’s conviction. Macare (Truth Out) introduces the metaphor of “who breaks a butterfly upon the wheel?” and looks at the power disparity between the accused and the state. Zeese (interviewed on The Real News) names the conviction an “attack on dissent.” Finally, and importantly, Arnade (The Guardian) compares McMillan’s trial, with its publicity and lawyers, to the case of a homeless woman facing a similar charge with far fewer resources.

What I Will Write

McMillan faced to up to…

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