Restorative Justice gets its day by not going to court

A Tree Grows in Green Haven

“Yes” Magazine is a great find. When other news outlets bellow “Ain’t it awful?”, “Yes” turns everything around and gives the positive spin. It’s not all pollyanna. The usual way of seeing things is laid out and then another perspective presented. Restorative justice has been around a long time. It’s the focus of a recent article called “How Restorative Justice Changed this Colorado Cop’s Views on Prison” that represents a breath of fresh air about six boys found breaking into a chemical company and how restorative justice moved in to address the situation. Link. 

“This is a system with a national recidivism rate of between 60 and 70 percent, dominated by a growing, for-profit prison industry with giant companies like the GEO Group and Correctional Corporations of America that rake in billions of dollars a year. It’s an industry that is built on incarceration and punishment instead of rehabilitation, with

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