School to Prison Pipe-line: A Cash Infused Umbilical Chord !

dday media

Privatization of prisons, meaning private prison companies entering contractual agreements with governments  that commit  prisoners and then pay a per diem rate for each person committed in the facility has been trending since the early 80s roughly parallel to the crack cocaine epidemic in America’s big cities. Draconian policies later enforced like the”3 Strikes” rule sentencing formula aimed at countering repeat offenders in California were later implemented in 20 states. The rule committed lengthy prison sentences to any one convicted of three criminal offenses, even misdemeanors. Drug sentencing laws were often linked to fear mongering surrounding the HIV -Aids virus and  imagined ways of its containment. A poorly informed citizenry, and an anemic  public relations campaign  known as the “War on Drugs” fostered during President Reagan’s two terms  promoted a motto  “Just Say No” as a deterrent to drug use among youth . This hollow slogan was the nation’s “war…

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