Women and girls in chains – ban burghas and hijabs!

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No society would tolerate a woman with her feet and hands chained as a matter of so-called religious belief and yet too many tolerate not just women but girls, ‘chained’ in hijabs and burghas (chadors)!

Chains limit our ability to move normally – hijabs and burghas limit the ability of a woman and girl to move normally. Chains are a form of punishment – hijabs and burghas are a form of punishment. Chains mean we are held prisoner – women and girls who wear hijabs and burghas are held prisoner by a misogynistic, backward and barbaric form of religion.

A woman, sitting in a hotel restaurant, trying to manipulate food from plate to mouth, underneath a burgha is a sickening sight – particularly when her husband casually dressed in a short-sleeved linen shirt and very smart trousers, sits by her side shovelling food into his mouth in a normal way…

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