Desperate Measures: To Deal With Rape, Men Should Get Johnson Licences


WARNING: This blog has been written in anger.

Rape victim in DR Congo (BBC) Rape victim in DR Congo (BBC)

I REALLY HOPED I WOULDN’T HAVE TO WRITE ANOTHER BLOG AGAINST RAPE SO SOON: I don’t quite understand why, but the story of the rape of those two teenage Indian girls (cousins Murti and Pushpa), who were then murdered and left hanging from a mango tree, disturbed me like few such vile crimes have done before. I was so angry, I couldn’t even write about it until now.

India, and the world, have been rightly horrified. India for one is getting horrible at these barbaric acts of sexual violence against women.

Then there was that story on the BBC today, “Rape ‘routine’ in DR Congo prisons”.

DR Congo has been dubbed the “rape capital of the world” with good reason. Rape has been refined into a weapon of war, and in the eastern…

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