How Cruel and Unusual Defines the US Prison System – Part One

Approaching Justice

After writing this post a couple weeks ago, I couldn’t stop thinking about a far more encompassing problem. The entire US prison system appalls me. I know some of you are ready to jump all over that statement with, “what most of the criminals in US prisons have done appalls me.” Well, now that I have taken that away from you, listen up. Compared to most of the industrialized world, the US prison system fails. I don’t want to hear about gulags or Chinese or Middle Eastern prisons. Do we really want to compare ourselves to those countries? I mean, what does it say about our prison system if those provide the best examples for why our system works so well or treats prisoners so fairly? Let me get to the point. Capital punishment only scratches the surface. Cruel and unusual describes most of the goings on in the US…

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