How Cruel and Unusual Defines the US Prison System – Part Two: Horror Stories and Solutions

Approaching Justice

In my previous post, I presented challenges that prisons and prisoners face in the US. The only positive is the 52% recidivism rate. Any reduction in recidivism is positive. However, two important facts about the study’s findings should horrify us. First, that was the repeat offender rate in the first three years of release. Second, multiple countries have much lower recidivism. I will focus on one: Norway. Norway boasts a recidivism rate of just 30%, and has one prison in particular where that rate drops to 16%. One of the best stories on Norway’s prison system comes from Erwin James, a former inmate (in the UK) who writes for The Guardian:

“As a life prisoner, I spent the first eight years of the 20 I served in a cell with a bed, a chair, a table and a bucket for my toilet. … Yet the constant refrain from…

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