Rick Perry opts to not instate prison rape guidelines to protect minors in TX

Amarillo Alternative News


Mother’s fight to improve prison conditions in TX for boys by separating them from men after the suicide of her son after repeated rapes is acknowledged in every state but Texas, where it all happened.  The mother herself passed away in 2012, believing that her lobbying and campaigning for conditions to help prevent rape in prisons were making a difference in Texas. Not on Rick Perry’s watch.


“On June 14, 2005, Texas mother Linda Bruntmyer went before the Congressional Prison Rape Elimination Commission in Washington, D.C., and told the story of her son, Rodney Hulin, and his untimely death. Rodney was only 16, a waif of a boy at 5’2” and 125 pounds, when he was convicted of setting a trash can on fire in Brazoria County, Texas, that caused $500 worth of damage. The judge decided to make an example of him, and he was sentenced to eight…

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