Bogus websites, strikes and the state of our prisons

Has Britain Lost Its Values

This morning there were several items of interest on the news:-

Phone charging before travelling – will wait to see how this is going to work but seems like a cock-up in the making…

Bogus websites – a commentator said that thousands of people were being caught out by bogus websites and losing money (that he thought the credit card companies and the banks should reimburse). The main reason for them being caught out was “because they were not reading the detail on the sites, just the main elements. My opinion – tough!! if they can’t be bothered to protect their own money, why should they get it back if they are conned out of it?

Public sector workers including council staff, teachers, civil servants and firefighters are going out on strike today. I personally don’t believe that strike action actually achieves anything in the long run but people are…

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