Documentary: Torture – The Guantanamo Guidebook


The fact Guantanamo Prison exists is an indictment against the United States of America. With all the information that has been discovered in the aftermath of the USA’s “inside job” 9/11 it is pure evil to keep prisoners at Guantanamo Bay. If justice is be done President G.W. Bush and his entire entourage of cabinet members and advisers should be indicted and made to stand trial for their TREASON against their country, war crimes and crimes against humanity. The conditions and tactics employed at Guantanamo are the same ones that the “israelis” use to torture Palestinians which previously employed by Hitler’s Nazis.

Take a close look at what happens at Guantanamo and bear in mind that the people jailed in that hell hole are not ‘terrorists’ but rather civilians who happened to be targeted by either being at the scene where a bomb exploded or randomly dragged out their houses…

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