Greetings everyone this is Jimmy Ferguson Founder/Director of the (NCOC) we need your help I have building home offices of NCOC National Corrections Oversight Coalition Reg’d OJP/DOJ for a year now we intend to create more home offices to fight corruption, abuse, beatings and rapes and speaking of rapes I am taking a webinar 7/23/14 1pm central time, some of our staff will be watching but not involved we need YOU to help us get the word out I would like to thank Lance Fortner M.D. Infectious Disease to our staff. this is a very very bright young man with a bright future, he will be filling the position of the Medical Director in NCOC, he is very educated in Infectious Disease. He knows his stuff. I sat down with him and picked his brain for about a week. At 27 years old, 4th year in residency he is very concerned about people, and loves his job,at 40 years oldI really thought I could not learn anything else ,boy was I wrong, I am so blessed to have him as my close friend and consulting me on medical issues, although he is a perfectionist, and very very busy pulling 22 hour shift in the E.R. be patient so if you have a question about medical issues and you cannot reach his office by writing the website at contact me,all questions will be monitored for abusive languages and recorded in our database. We have a “zero Tolerance” policy in our administration and organization. …..Jimmy Ferguson Founder/Director


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