Eastern6Hello, everyone my name is jimmy ferguson,                           I am the founder of the National Corrections Oversight Coalition Reg’d with the OJP/DOJ.  This is a aggressive advocacy organization dedicated to securing the safety,security & wellbeing of individuals confined in institutions in the United States. Our first initial phase is to collect a statement or affidavit with who ,what,when,where,how and why. Then we build you a case file with a active NCOC Investigation number, If appropriate we will contact your family, if we are authorized to do so on your behalf, We have a staff meeting (Think Tank) which is RESTRICTED & CONFIDENTIAL  & to consider the possiblities of a secure transfer, to another unit or location, or housing area. Our staff then contact the central headqaurters of the prison in that state, We contact the individual who has been filed against, and ask respectfully for their service to just make a statement over the phone our computer will address the “voice to text” In the event that it is serious enough, that a life endangerment was filed, a Investigation will be conducted the same, or within 24 hours, The warden will be contacted and will be faxed the complaintants allegations, If this is a assault, aggravated assault, the district attorney of that county will get a copy of the complaint(s)/or affidavit, we will push for a conviction and if possible we will attend the hearin g, BE ADVISED : iF This is a gay bashing the director and founder will initiate PHASE 1 of the offender protection plan with contengency plan this is in the event that something may happen in retaliation,  If this is medical complaint, for denial of medical treatment , which is a violation of your civil rights. Which is actionable under the Constitution of the United States “Bill of Rights”Please Note”: Filing a lawsuit is costly and time consuming and you ptu the right caselaw in the point of authorties,all paperwork, pleadings and if you make it past the magistrate you may be given a motion to dismiss with prejudice, “that is not good” some cases you may have to shepardize, other cases possibly- you must understand being a inmate and a layman , this takes up the courts time and the judges clerk does not have time for that, you must also file this complaint within the two year window. We want everyone to know how we feel about the abuse in prisons, officers assaulting inmates, Gangs, which are “National Security Threat Groups” or Homegrown Terrorist’s, We will always bve here even after the founder/directors step down, We have contacts all over this country, we contact The United States Deptartment of Justice, Homeland Security, Congress and we may discuss your case on Kpft 90.1 in Houston Texas, We have used the internet, and airwaves to take down corrupt directors, wardens, majors,luetenents and other officers in the chain of command, we have had the terminated, forced to retire, escorted off the unit or taken to jail. Wehave a “zero tolerance policy”  we will not circumvent our policies or rules and regulations, you will not ignore us, you cannot pay us off, give us gifts to look the other way. we live by a code in our work and home and we are americans, we dont put up with S***. We also do not start wars we end them. Lastly, we are here for the people, we do not deviate from our plans, so  you have heard it from the director himself on this day,that we wait to get your letter or your families email, then we can begin our investigation, some investigations take 30 days some have lasted six months to 2 years , we are by the book so as it is if you think you can beat us or trick us think again WE ARE WATCHING YOU !!!! WE ARE SMARTER, FASTER, STRONGER !!!


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